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Squadeo is a creation of NXP. Squadeo leverages 10+ years of IP creation in on-line and embedded video domains for the mobile industry from Philips and NXP. Our focused and highly professional team, our legacy customer portfolio and the absence of debt from the start put Squadeo as your safest bet for innovative video solutions in the long-term. Believe in us and we will bend over backwards to make sure you're satisfied. Your success is our success.


Solve Android fragmentation with a unique solution

QuickPlayer is a robust secure video player for Premium and free2air video content. QuickPlayer solves the Android fragmentation dilemma, provides added-value features such as subtitles or offline viewing, all in compliance with Studio requirements. QuickPlayer can be ported across connected screens, resulting in same behaviour across multi-platforms.

QuickPlayer leverages more than 10 years of high expertise teams from Philips and NXP, and QuickPlayer has been deployed into several 100,000,000 handsets for OEM (embedded) and Service Providers (downloaded) worldwide.


Protect your most valuable asset on open-platform

VideoShield is a patented security software product. VideoShield is an alternative solution to anti-rooting and hardware security (TEE) to enable HD deployment and reach more subscribers. VideoShield secures the video path on the device and detect screen recording during video playback.


Save video bandwidth without jeopardizing quality 

Similarly to HEVC value proposition, VideoBooster promises to reduce bandwidth network need by a factor of about 30%. VideoBooster renders HD quality from a SD quality video stream. The beauty of VideoBooster is a light client software only that cumulates with HEVC gain, resulting in HEVC+VideoBooster showing more than 60% gain compared to regular H.264 stream.




Android, iOS, PC


Patents (17)

2 - Adaptive streaming protocols
5 - Video playback
8 - Video enhancements
2 - Content protection



Video- H264, HEVC, HLS, DASH, DRM
Audio- 5.1, AAC family,
Audio and Video- post-processing
Regional- Subtitles, Multi-audio
Real-time systems


QuickPlayer is deployed worldwide (EMEA, APAC, America), enabling millions of subscribers to watch video on-line


Customers worldwide






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